A leading and historical player, a corporate citizen and an innovative company in the recycling market and textile recovery

Many potential markets

From making yarns to laminating the most advanced and regenerated fibers

Powerful production equipments

One of the most advanced plant in recycling textile in Europe

Quality, responsiveness and innovation

Three cardinal values at Moncorgé’s for clients and partners

Recycler and Recoverer of scraps and textile waste for more than half a century!



MONCORGÉ is a French SMI (small-and-medium-sized industry) that is in the process of becoming integrated into one of the most innovative and dynamic players in the European textile market. It has been specialized for more than 50 years in recycling and recovering scraps and textile waste by using a 100% green fraying technology

ECO-friendly, MONCORGÉ is a manufacturer of secondary and textile raw materials, garnetted stock, cushions, and regenerated textile fibers for high-tech sectors such as car, clothing, construction and public works, furnishing, geotextile

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Information about us: our company, our values, our recruiting policy

MONCORGÉ is one of the key European players in recycling and recovering fabric waste by playing a part in making and producing regenerated fibers that have various and booming applications

Solutions for recovering your waste or scraps or even your cast-offs

MONCORGÉ allows you to be part of the circular economy and strengthen your CSR (Corporate Social Responsbility) by recovering and recycling your textile waste and scraps, and in certain cases, your cast-offs.

Competitive fibers and textile mix for high-quality and environmental-friendly productions

Our unique R&D service, our premium quality manufacturing device and process, and our historical presence with the world’s biggest players in the textile sector mean that we should talk about it

« Green-manufactured » cushions made in France

Promoting environmental and citizenship while taking advantage of the flexibility of the short distribution network and our lowest prices…

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Why partner with us ?

High-quality products with high level certifications (Cf. ISO 9001, Ecovadis, AlterTex) and high-performance installations; A range of unique finished products that meet the standard or innovative applications; A Project & Development department dedicated to your projects and an outstanding responsiveness.

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ICARRE95 programme with Renault Environnement

In the following video, you will see an overview of the way MONCORGÉ works for RENAULT Group in connection with the ICARRE 95 programme for recycling textile coming from out-of-service vehicles (OSV) and recovering them in the manufacturing of insulating and regenerated textile-foam’s laminating

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New web site

Until the official announcement of the setting-up of a group in the coming days in which Moncorgé will get one of the most innovative and dynamic structure, the whole Moncorgé’s team is very pleased to announce you the creation of the first version of its web site. It is still quite incomplete. However, be sure it will develop step by step. We wish you a good click!

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