Our offer : engineering services and textile products

High value added services and products for the textile recycling industry

Because it belongs to a most innovative SMI in the textile market since the end of 2015, MONCORGÉ can provide both services and products

Range of services provided by MONCORGÉ

Engineering services on issues of :

  • Management of scraps and textile production waste
  • Implementation of circuits and recyclability process of products in relation to the textile and foam industry
  • Manufacturing and development of new fibers and textile applications by using recycled foam and textile


Recovering services of production scraps or even end-life textile (please, ask us for recovering and converting end-of-life clothes or cast-offs)

Some examples of textiles scraps and waste that we can recycle

What textile waste can we recycle?

Almost the very last one in France as a « Pure Player » in fraying and recovering of textile waste, we have acquired a unique experience allowing us to process and recover the biggest variety of textile materials.

We can recycle as well natural scraps and textile waste such as linen, hemp, silk, wool, as synthetic waste such as polyester, polypropylene, le polyamide or even aramid (cf kevlar, spectra,…), ranging from the mix and the finest laminating between both types.

Then, rather than spending a lot of money to throwing your textile waste away to the waste collectors who quite often incinerate or bury them, save your money by recovering your textile waste, involve yourself even more in the circular economy and the protection of the environment, strengthen your CSR and benefit from a « green communication » by taking advantage of our recycling certificate.


Range of products manufactured by MONCORGÉ

Manufacturing of bio-sourced textile fibers

Moncorgé  recovers the textile waste by converting them into new textile raw materials which will become the basis of the textile high value added laminating.

The recovered fibers can be of different nature :

  • Natural garnetted stock
  • Synthetic regenerated fibers
  • Multicomponent laminated textiles



These  new secondary raw materials can be used in a large variety of applications :

The manufacturing of threads and bio-sourced fibers with mechanical and physical features equivalent to a fresh and new one but with a quite more competitive price, and above all an ecological footprint quite less harmful than similar products coming from a fresh and new one and quite often coming from fossil resources of our earth.

The manufacturing of eco-friendly felts and laps whose purpose is the thermic and sound insulation of our accomodation, energy-consuming equipments, and any transportation means.


Our garnetted stock are mainly used in the following fields:

  • Laps and felts manufacturing by non-woven technology (coating or needle-punching) of thermic and/or sound insulation for the following sectors:
    • Transport (all types of vehicles)
    • Household appliances
    • Building (walls, roofs, attics, piping-plumbing, floor underlayment,…)
  • Manufacturing of protective, structuring (reinforcements) geotextiles,
  • Manufacturing of fabrics-laminated textiles concrete-cotton (insulation coating AND wall decoration coating),
  • Manufacturing of carded bio-sourced and regenerated threads
  • Manufacturing of stuffing for furnishing

and many other fields being studied as the textile waste recycling of one type or mixed to other recycled or non-recycled are large materials

Manufacturing of green made cushions

Whether it is a small or big cushion, for sofa, pouf or armchair, or sleeping arounds, with woven-zipped or sewn quilt cover, with decorative or non decorative cover, Moncorgé meets all your needs.

Moreover, with the label “Made in France” and a green-manufacturing, concretly take part in the reduction of the pollutions, strengthen your CSR, lower the supply chain deadlines, and secure your purchasing function with a supplier close to you, while taking advantage of our lowest prices.