Why partner with us ?

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Why partner with us ?

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In addition to claiming “because we’re worth it”, we can do it through the following facts in particular:

High-quality products with high level certifications (Cf. ISO 9001, Ecovadis, AlterTex,…) and high-performance installations such as automatic dust central vacuum that guarantees a minimal levels of residuals to our garnetted stock

A range of unique finished products that meet the standard or innovative applications with capacities-features close or even higher to the original raw materials (i.e. that have not been regenerated).

An outstanding management based on a high-skilled managing staff (a Master degree level, more than 20-year experience in world’s high-tech groups) and faithful (an average year of service: > 8 years), responsible and well skilled.

Our engineering staff composed of several consulting engineers, a Project&Development department in charge of developing and testing new technical and greeb-crafted products, and a comprehensive recycling services of all your scraps and manufacturing residuals.

A responsiveness and an outstanding service level of less than 2 weeks on average from the date of order. Moreover with the ability to manage for you all the most complicated shipping issues, the consignment stock and the circular issues (in which, on the one hand we recycle your waste for you, and on the other hand offer you new applications via the provision of new regenerated secondary materials).

As a company known for the textile waste management and recycling, MONCORGÉ is able to issue a certificate of recyclability to the companies that provide their textile waste, scraps to us, or even give us the recycling of their end-of-life personal protective equipment (PPE). This certificate allows you to be part of the corporate citizen’commitment, to your CSR or even to your ISO 14001 certification, and thus promote your social and environmental concerns.

Our proficiency level of security and privacy issues enable us to seriously manage the destruction and the recycling of the most valuable textile products and the the most sensitive personal protective equipment (Cf. uniforms, ….)


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