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Some industrial partners that are the strength of a SMI

MONCORGÉ has worked with LAROCHE for a long time, world leader in the market of fiber processing, technologies for recycling and non woven , and we are ISO 9001 certified by TÜV Rheinland organism.

Natural partners for a player involved in its sector

MONCORGÉ is a player involved in the Responsible Textile field, and is looking for going with the best of the Social and Solidarity Economy. Therefore it joins forces with some natural parnters like Innortex, ALTER-TEX et Eco TLC

Innortex – Innovation, textile and foam material recycling

Innortex designs and develops innovative and customized solutions with high quality secondary raw materials for the sectors such as furnishing, building, tranport and packaging.

ALTER-TEX : the responsible textile industry

Founded by a SMBs collective committed  to the sustainable development, the association groups together the whole of the value chain in textile and clothing: spinners, weavers, knitters, finishers, maker-ups, brands and retailers. Its ambition is to be the competitor, the booster, the unifier of this sector.

Eco TLC : the producer responsibility organism (PRO) of clothing, linen and footwear

Eco TLC has arised from the will of the professionals in the Textile Industry and Commerce to join together in order that they take their environmental responsibility. One of its missions is to raise awareness of sorting and recycling, and encourage this initiative.

LAROCHE – Fiber processing lines

LAROCHE was established in 1926 and designed the first tearing machine allowing the regeneration of textile waste.

LAROCHE provides innovative solutions in close partnership with its customers, and has become the world leader in the market of fiber processing, technologies for recycling and non woven.

TÜV Rheinland – Quality certification organism

TÜV Rheinland is the ISO certification organism that has certified the quality initiative of MONCORGÉ.

Now we are ISO 9001-certified, and soon ISO 14001- certified.

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